Commission’s team will reach Uttarkashi today, Dalit boy was assaulted on entering temple

Central Scheduled Commission team will reach Mori on Monday in connection with the thrashing of a Dalit youth for entering the temple in Salra village of Mori area in Uttarkashi district. Former MP Tarun Vijay will also be with the team.

Recently, 22-year-old Ayush, a resident of Benol village, was thrashed with burning wood by some people of Mori area when he entered the temple. The youth is admitted in Doon Hospital.

The Central Scheduled Commission took strong note of the beating of the Dalit youth. To investigate the matter, the team headed by senior member of the commission, Anju Bala, will reach Mori on Monday and record the statement of the aggrieved party.

Former MP Tarun Vijay will also go to Uttarkashi along with the commission’s team. He said that those who spread the poison of caste discrimination are enemies of religion. He said that he has been fighting against Dalit oppression.

In May 2016, he went to Jaunsar Bawar for temple entry for Dalits. Where fierce stones were pelted on him. He was hospitalized for a month but till date there is no information about the investigation of the attack on him for Dalit admission.

He said that Hindu society is one. Those who spread the poison of casteism are the enemies of religion. Dalits are mighty warriors of religion and our worshippers. An attack on them is an attack on our religion.

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