Ankita pressurized for ‘Massage Service’, Rs. 10000 were offered

Rishikesh: Another disclosed has come to light in Ankita murder case. While chatting on WhatsApp, Ankita told her friend that customer who came to the resort tried to forcibly hug her while intoxicated.

She was telling her friend in chat that customer had hugged her while intoxicated, then manager Ankit Gupta told her to keep calm.

Ankita also said in WhatsApp chat that customer at the resort had offered her Rs 10,000 for additional service, but she refused.

Ankita also writes in chat that next time this happens to her, she would leave the job. Many WhatsApp chats of Ankita Bhandari and her friend are going viral on social media.

In these, Ankita has told lot about guest who comes there. He wrote that manager Ankit asks her to do many wrong things.

Ankit used to threaten her that if she refuses customers then there will be fight here. He threatened that he would fire her.

Ankita told… VIP guests were coming on Monday and they have to give extra service. If I said, what should I do? On this he said that spa etc…. On this Ankita said… I am feeling very insecure.

Ankita further writes that this is very dirty hotel, I am feeling very unsecure here. Ankit tolld her to give ‘special service’ to VIP guests.

All these things happened between two on September 17 i.e. day before Ankita’s death.

Let us tell you that on September 18, 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari, who worked as receptionist at Vanantra Resort, suddenly disappeared.

Ankita’s body was recovered from Chila canal on Saturday. Resort owner Pulkit Arya, manager Ankit and manager Saurabh Bhaskar have been arrested in connection with Ankita’s murder.

These people were pressurizing Ankita to do wrong things. On protesting, the trio killed Ankita Bhandari.

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