Ankita Murder Case: Harish Rawat said – all parties should be together for justice to daughter

Former Chief Minister of the state Harish Rawat said that he fully agrees with the top leadership of Uttarakhand BJP that daughters are the collective pride of the state. In such a situation, for justice to Ankita and other daughters why alone, all parties should join the dharna to be held at Gandhi Park on 26th December.

The former chief minister of the state said that he is ready even if the top leadership of the BJP joins the dharna, then he will sit behind them in the dharna. The former CM said that Ankita, by sacrificing her life, has warned us to look at the indiscriminate uncontrolled resorting happening in the state since 2016 from a new perspective.

People coming to Uttarakhand for spiritual, natural, environmental, adventure, cultural and tourism are welcome, but people coming for physical pleasure should not come. Ankita was pressurized to provide special service to VIPs at Vanantara Resort.

The former CM said that all these places related to Rishikesh should be under CCTV camera coverage, where there is a power project, Saint Mahatma comes for Ganga Aarti, which is a favorite place for foreign guests. The bouncers and security personnel accompanying the VIPs at the resort are yet to be identified.

Former Chief Minister of the state Harish Rawat said that he is a passing Jogi, who has been scolded by everyone. Still, as his last duty, he cannot sit silent on the question of self-respect of daughters.

If today Uttarakhand collectively does not bury these efforts to push it as a land providing means of physical happiness, then even decades of struggle will not be able to save our family, cultural and spiritual culture from ruin.

Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that the government has given an official statement in the assembly that there is a VIP room in the resort, where every person coming is called VIP. He is surprised that the government has started providing the shield to protect Ankita’s killers.

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