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Ankita Bhandari Murder Case: Pulkit revealed secret, said- if she was not having physical relationship then..

Ankita said that I will disclose reality of the resort to everyone and after saying this, she threw Pulkit's mobile in canal

Rishikesh: Secrets of Ankita Bhandari murder case in Uttarakhand have slowly begun to unravel. It has been revealed that owner of the resort Pulkit Arya and other accused used to pressurize Ankita to have physical relations with hotel customers. Ankita had told this to some of her colleagues.

There was dispute between Ankita and accused on 18 September regarding this. After which all the accused took her to ride in two-wheeler with them. On the way, Ankita had an argument with three again. During this,  scuffle broke out between them. Due to which Ankita was shocked and she fell into the canal. Accused left Ankita in such condition and came back to resort and told everyone new story. When all three were interrogated, they confessed to the crime.

Rishikesh Ankita Bhandari Murder Case

Accused Saurabh told that Pulkit and Ankita were in the resort on evening of September 18, when there was a dispute between the two about something. On this Pulkit said that Ankita is angry and goes to Rishikesh about it. All four left the resort on a bike and Scooty. Reached near AIIMS via barrage.

When Pulkit stopped in dark, about 1.5 km from barrage post, we also stopped. After that we drank wine and ate momos. We were sitting on the banks of canal on Ankit and Pulkit Chila Road. Then again there was a dispute between Ankita and Pulkit.

Pulkit said that Ankita defames us among her colleagues. Our colleagues tell that we ask her to establish relationship with the customer. Ankita got angry on this and we got into fight with her. Then Ankita said that I will disclose reality of the resort to everyone and after saying this, she threw Pulkit’s mobile in canal. We got angry at this.

We were drunk, didn’t know what we were doing. When Ankita started manhandling us, we pushed her in anger and she fell into the canal. We panicked and reached the resort as per plan. After this, when Chef Manveer was asked about Ankita, he said that she was not with us.

According to the plan, Ankit went to Ankita’s room with food and came with food. Next morning, Pulkit and Ankit Gupta went to Haridwar, Pulkit bought new mobile and dummy sim of Jio. As part of the plan, Pulkit tells Saurav Bisht, who works in our resort, to take Ankita to room and bring her phone so that Sourav Bisht goes to room and tells us that Ankita is not in room.

Something similar happened, Pulkit lodged an FIR for Ankita’s disappearance. Accused had also lodged missing FIR of Ankita Bhandari so that no one has any doubts. After this accused planned that all three would give similar statements. For this, the three accused deliberately set timing of incident.

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