Almora’s garbage recycled by American technology ‘Black Hole’, tiles will produce by ash

Almora's garbage recycled by American technology 'Black Hole', tiles will produce by ash

Almora: Cultural city of Uttarakhand, 8 to 10 tonnes of garbage is generated daily, but many problems have to be faced in the disposal of garbage. Garbage is dumped daily at the touching ground, which is about 6 kilometers from Almora, but the municipality makes a plan every day for how to dispose of that garbage. There is a hope of getting rid of the problem of garbage disposal soon because the garbage can be disposed of with American black hole technology.

Under this technique, any kind of garbage can be burnt in a plasma-free magnetic furnace. Its special thing is that after burning the garbage, tiles can be made from its remaining ashes. The special thing about black hole is that it will be operated without fuel and electricity, which will prove to be effective in keeping Almora garbage free in the coming times.

8 to 10 tons of garbage daily
Municipal EO Bharat Tripathi told that 8 to 10 tones of garbage is generated daily from Almora city. In the mountains and Almora, a lot of problems have to be faced to dispose of the garbage. In view of this, black hole technology is being considered from the government level. The special thing about this technology is that whatever waste goes into the black hole plant, it will not pollute the environment. Because burning of garbage releases toxic gas

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