Almora Medical College: Two pregnant women were referred before delivery

Health services have deteriorated due to a fault in the line supplying drinking water to the base hospital of Almora Medical College. Two pregnant women, who were admitted to the hospital on Sunday, were referred due to the stalled drinking water supply. Due to this, the relatives including the pregnant had to face problems. Apart from this, late Saturday evening also a woman had to be referred.

The medical college built at a cost of crores fails to provide proper health facilities to the patients. Due to this, patients are facing problems every day. At the same time, in the midst of the water crisis in the hospital, the problems of the patients have doubled. Two pregnant women admitted to the hospital on Sunday had to be referred before delivery due to the drinking water supply.

There was also resentment among the attendants due to the referral of patients. Referred women included Deepa Tiwari, resident of village Odal of Hawalbagh block, pregnant Neeru, resident of Badechina. People say that health services are getting derailed.

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30 liters per minute into the tank: Water from the drinking water supply line to the base hospital used to fall into the tank at 80 liters per minute on normal days. These days only 30 liters per minute of water is falling in the tank due to fault in the line.

65 percent of the work of the new line is completed: To overcome the shortage of water in the medical college, 65 percent of the work of the new drinking water scheme being built at a cost of about 11 crores has been completed so far. The work of laying seven km of pipeline under the scheme is almost complete. Officials said that the work of over hand tank is also in the final stage these days.

On Sunday morning, after labor pain, reached the wife with the base. Referred citing lack of water.
Kailash Tiwari, Govindpur Daulaghat.

Work is being done to rectify the fault in the drinking water line, but the problems have increased due to non-recovery of the fault.

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