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Ujariyaon: Another women protest against NRC-CAA completes 30 days

Lucknow: Like Ghantaghar, the protest (Dharna) against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) included NRC & NPR in Ujariyaon, Gomtinagar is going to complete one month tomorrow (Wednesday). On this occasion, speakers will talk about ‘Save the Constitution, Save the Country’, issues of country interest like NRC-CAA. Along with this, special programs have been organized throughout the day.

102-year-old grandmother did not give up yet

Let me tell you that on January 19, a few domestic women started this protest against NRC & CAA in Ujariyaon village of Gomtinagar Lucknow. Today more than 100 women are sitting on here. The 102-year-old grandmother has been involved in protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act since the cold chill of January till now.

Police adopted all tactics to end the protest

Like many cases seen in last, the Ujariyaon women protesters were also badly threatened by local police. Tents, blankets, carpets, chairs, posters at the picket site were taken away by the police on the strength of uniform hooliganism . While the women sitting on protest site have neither blocked the road nor are on government land.

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Rubina Ayaz, from one of protesters, talk to News Readers. She said, “we are giving protesting to save the constitution and the country and until the anti-constitutional law is withdrawn, we will continue to protest.” Another Protester Nuzhat told us that, they are registering own protest peacefully within the scope of the constitution, on that too the police administration has filed illegal cases twice, but protesters will not back down and will continue protest against the NPR too starting in April. If needed, everyone will also offer to self arrest movement to non co-operation movement.

Human rights organization Rihai Manch says that at some places police are violating human rights at behest of the anti-constitution BJP government, and at some places are trying to appease their masters by violating the law. They know that doing so will not take any action against them but benefits. That is why police officers are also working very hard in this work.

Women stood by these slogans in Ujariyaon Gomtinagar Protest

For the expansion of a movement, it is necessary to keep the enthusiasm of the people involved in protest. Many kinds of slogans have been encouraging the women struggle. The slogans echo throughout the day on picketing.

  • 1. This country is ours, not of anyone’s father
  • 2. The voice raised from the light, the hooligans will not work
  • 3. Ambedkar’s way to Gandhi
  • 4. Dada fought the whites… We will fight with thieves
  • 5. If death is destiny, then will die by fighting, dying in silence will not be appropriate
  • 6. This war will win this time, this announcement is ours
  • 7. Ujariyaon raise the voice, do not show paper
  • 8. British brokers, thoughts of RSS, traitors with false patriotism, the children of terrorist Godse, through out all of them from country.

Which famous faces will reach Ujariyaon

Senior Supreme Court Advocate Prashant Bhushan, former Governor Aziz Quresi, Rihai Manch President Advocate Mohammad Shoaib, former IAS Harsh Mander, Magsaysay Awardee Wilson Vejwara, former IG SR Darapuri, Magsaysay Awardee Sandeep Pandey, senior journalist Bhasha Singh, All India Progressive Women’s Association President Kavita Krishnan, Atul Kumar Unknown Human Rights Activist Father John Dayal, Song Treachery band and will include those of union of several universities.

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