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Girl fell under running train, GRP jawans saved her life

Prayagraj: Train was moving slowly from the platform, when a family traveller from Rewa started trying to board the train. At the same time, a five-year-old girl slipped from the hand of woman and fell on railway track below. GRP jawans

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Many people have died in such heart-wrenching incidents, but with promptness of GRP Jawans, chain pulling of the train was done immediately and girl was taken out safely.

It is said that “Jako Rakhe Saiyan Mar Sake Na koye”. It is being told that Ram Rahim Kol, a resident of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, along with his family reached Prayagraj railway junction from Rewa with wife, daughter and some relatives to catch a train for wages to Jodhpur in Rajasthan. GRP jawans

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But as soon as platform number one reached, Howrah to Bikaner train started from the platform. Her aunt tried to board the moving train with her five-year-old girl Seema. During this, the girl got out of hand and fell on the railway track under the train.

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The parents of the girl started crying on the railway platform. Seeing this scene, everyone present there got goosebumps. People started shouting to save the girl. GRP personnel on duty reached there. GRP jawans

He first got the chain pulling of the moving train done in time. When the train stopped, the GRP sub-inspector safely lifted the crying girl upstairs.

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With the joint efforts of SSI Sudhir Kumar, SI Ajit Shukla and SI Mamta Yadav, a 5 year old girl got life.

Seeing such an incident, everyone praised him openly. The family was sent to Jodhpur by the same train. GRP jawans


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