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Dalit-backwards falling prey to the law of ‘Love Jihad’ by BJP govt : Rajiv Yadav

Azamgarh: Leaders of Rihai Manch visited the village on the news of the arrest of three youths from Dih Katholi of Didarganj police station area of ​​Azamgarh on charges of conversion under the new Love Jihad Law.

The forum said that the Uttar Pradesh Laws Against Dharma Conversion Ordinance 2020 is actually anti-SC / ST, although it was promoted as an anti-Muslim weapon in the name of Love Jihad.

The tour included High Court Advocate Santosh Singh, Advocate Vinod Yadav, Awadhesh Yadav, Shah Alam Sherwani and Munna Yadav, including General Secretary Rajiv Yadav.

Arrested Neeraj Kumar’s wife told the Rihai Manch representatives that Neeraj’s arrest was made by the Didarganj police. But contradictions of media reports and FIRs raise many questions.

Some media reports said that three people who had gone for conversion on the information of local BJP leader Ashok Yadav of the village were arrested.

At the same time, other media reports say that the province Dharm Jagran chief Tarakeswar (Dharm Jagran Pramukh Tarakeswar) had informed the office bearers of the organization’s district unit on the information about the conversion. After this, Didarganj police came to know about the conversion.

According to the FIR, Ashok Kumar Yadav said that three persons belonging to Christianity came to Tribhuvan Yadav in the village for the purpose of converting Hindus.

He asked everyone present in the house to adopt Christianity and pray to Christianity. When he refused to do so, he started abusing everyone.

Seeing the commotion, the three started running away but the locals caught them. Literature related to Bible and Christianity were also recovered from them. They were then taken to the police station.

The incident took place on December 20 at around 7 am, but according to media reports, Didarganj police station chief Sanjay Kumar Singh Dih reached Katholi village late Sunday evening.

He took custody of the three youth accused and got involved in questioning. Police also recovered religious literature from him. Police moved towards legal action against BJP leader Ashok Yadav’s Tahrir.

There is a lot of contradiction in the FIR and media reports in the incident. It is clear that BJP leaders and Hindu organizations are trying different ways to brighten their face on this incident too.

On the other hand, there is no mention of the role of Tribhuvan Yadav in this entire case, whose alleged program for conversion was organized at his home.

In media reports, police were told that under the new anti-conversion law, three people Balachandra, Gopal Prajapati and Neeraj Kumar were arrested from Dih Katholi village on Sunday.

All three came to Tribhuvan Yadav’s house with the intention of converting. It was informed by BJP leader Ashok Yadav of the village itself. But this thing seems utterly concocted.

Shyam Dulari, wife of Neeraj Rajbhar, a resident of Tivaria Khurd, arrested on charges of conversion, says that he went there to pray. If it was understood, it would have been done, if it had not been, it would not have been.

Dee is the in-laws of Neeraj Rajbhar in Kathauli village. He had been running unwell for a long time. At the instance of his mother-in-law Savitri, he went to get rid of the disease.

Neeraj’s wife Shyam Dulari had come to his maternal grandfather, Kathauli on December 15. Controversy arose after linking the program of prayer to alleged conversion.

According to Shyam Dulari, the police reached there and did not listen to them and took them away. Treatment with this type of prayer in one form or another is prevalent in all religions.

There are Ojha and Tantrik in Hinduism and Maulvi Maulana does this kind of work in Islam.

People sometimes visit the dargah and temples and sometimes they call the brokers. This is not a new thing nor has it ever been associated with conversion.

Neeraj and Shyam Dulari were married eight-nine years ago. They have two children, 6-year-old Shivam and three-year-old Shivanasi.

Neeraj used to raise his family as a laborer in Kolhapur. On 15 December, Shyam Dulari came to her maternal home, Katholi.

Her mother Savitri says that we did not know much. We went there to see and hear.

504, 506 under FIR number 209 lodged at Police Station Didarganj at 6:57 pm on 20 December 2020 and Uttar Pradesh Laws Against Religion Conversion Ordinance 2020 3/5 Jaunpur resident Balchand Jaiswar, Varanasi resident Gopal Prajapati and Village Tiwariya police station Phulpur resident A case was filed against Neeraj Rajbhar.

Rihai Manch General Secretary Rajiv Yadav said that the incident led to the arrest of the ailing Neeraj along with Balachandra Jaiswar and Gopal Prajapati on charges of conversion.

Arresting and citing Love Jihad Law in the name of religious literature and accusing them of conversion is an open violation of constitutional rights.

Fundamental rights cannot be reduced in the name of any law. Every citizen is at liberty to follow and practice any religion.

It is an open violation of fundamental rights. No law can be greater than a fundamental right. The Supreme Court has stamped this in many of its decisions.

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