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Zarina Wahab returns from the short film ‘Kashmiriyat’

Mumbai: Veteran actress Zarina Wahab is going to make a comeback with a short film. Zarina is returning to the screen from the upcoming short film ‘Kashmiriyat Movie’. He talked about the storyline of the film.

He said, “Despite playing many roles, it is definitely a very in-depth story. It was told in such a good way that I could see it in my mind before shooting. Especially the climax part is tremendous. To be honest, it still remains in my mind. ” The story of this film revolves around a mother-son relationship.

Divyanshu Pandit, director of the film ‘Kashmiriyat Movie’, expressed his emotional attachment to the story, being a Kashmiri. Divyanshu said, “As a Kashmiri I have always wanted to tell its story and finally I am telling it through myself. A particular agenda and voices driven through a prominent section of the media have always created an image of Kashmir, its people and the Indian Army, which is utter nonsense. ”

He added, “In our short film Kashmiriyat Movie, we have shown that the vicious cycle in the valley is actually planned. Kashmir is a very complex subject. Since the world has been shown only one side of it, I have tried to show the other side of this complexity through my film, which has never been portrayed in the mainstream. ”

Divyansh said, “Through this mother and son story, viewers will see most of the layers of the valley.” The film also stars Naveen Pandit, Anshul Trivedi, Abhay Bhargava and Rohit Sagar Girdhar along with Zarina. Produced by Ashutosh Pandit, the film will be released on YouTube on August 12.

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