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Such dirty things happen in film industry, actress revealed

Mumbai: Actress Richa Chaddha is known for her outspoken style in Bollywood. The actress puts her point in front of everyone without any flow of people on any issue.

After Sushant Singh Rajput, the issue of nepotism in Bollywood is quite hot. Now the reaction has come to the fore.

He made his words clear to the public by sharing a long blog on Twitter.

Richa has shared a blog on Twitter and also wrote in the caption, “Goodbye friend … Please read this only when you are serious about change … not for anyone with malice and love for everyone.”

Richa Chaddha wrote in the blog .. “Here is a toy.” At the end of this poem, the actress wrote – Like Sahir Ludhianvi, these words have been echoing in my ears since the last month.

The actress further wrote, “It is being said that the industry is divided into ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’?” In my opinion, the Hindi film industry and the entire eco-system are only divided between kind and merciless people. I saw many directors sharing sad messages a month ago. Many of them ruined their accompanying films before release, finally replacing those actresses. Who refused to sleep with him and many repeatedly predicted ‘it will happen’. Those who see the future of others like this, finally make Bhurji with eggs on their faces. You are not God. Stop infecting the world with things that weaken and spread mankind. ”

He wrote, “Early in my career, my role was cut due to outsiders. I had to exert my full strength to overcome these, but it is not about me. The sad part is that everyone has their own version of the experience here. ”

The actress said, “Brother-nepotism compels me to laugh realistically. I do not hate Star Kids. Why are we expected? If someone’s father is a star, they are born in that house, just like we are for our people. ”

Actress Richa Chaddha further asked, “Do you feel ashamed of your parents?” Is it right to expect someone else to be ashamed of their parents, families, heritage? This is a lousy and nonsensical argument. Would you tell my children to be ashamed for my struggle. Star-kids have to deal with rivalry within their clans. Often it is an inter-generational, unforgiving competition. Knowing how deep caste is in our country, why does this unstable ranking system surprise anyone? ”

Richa wrote, “We can never know what another person can do here. I can only sympathize, but I cannot know the pain until I stand in their shoes. ”

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