‘Pyaar ki luka chuppi’ actress boosts to encourage web artists, says…

Mumbai: ‘Pyar Ki Luka Chhuppi’ actress Aparna Dikshit says that the web has given many opportunities to web artists, so one does not need to be insecure.

She says, “I am not insecure at all because I am very sure about the loyalty of TV viewers. I think the number of television viewers is still large and both mediums are quite different. This is something that people used to compare between TV and films and now one more thing has been added to it. ”

Aparna further adds, “Artists who used to sit at home due to absence of work are now getting more opportunities. With this, everyone has a new way of showing their talent. This is a very good thing. “

Actress Aparna Dixit says, “There are some things that we cannot show on TV, so these can now be shown on the web.” If your story is good, then you will definitely get an audience, no matter what the medium is. “

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