Airtel 5G will not be available to all users, plans price are very high


Delhi. Airtel’s 5G service will not be available for all users. It is not us, these things are being said by Airtel. Airtel company says that it is not planning to charge any premium on 5G plan

According to a report, Akhil Gupta, Vice Chairman, Airtel Enterprises, says that this telecom company is going to provide 5G services only for high-price tariff plans in the initial phase. Airtel also believes that the superfast network will spread very fast in India.

Airtel 5G plans will cost much more

The company hopes that after the rollout of fast internet, internet users will be inspired to automatically shift to higher quality 5G plans. Also said that it seems to me that the popularity of fast internet with Airtel 5G will increase so fast that it will become quite common in the coming era.

Whoever has a 5G handset, he will get 5G. They will consume more and will automatically go for higher tariff plans. The result of this will be that high revenue will also be available. The company also indicated that affordable and low-end 5G plans can also be rolled out, but for that the focus will have to be on demand and supply.

If you are providing supply continuously, then the demand will also keep increasing. When you provide better capacity and faster speeds, consumption also increases. It is human nature that if you have fast internet then the consumption of data will also be more. Apart from this, the issue of non-Chinese gear for the telecom network was also talked about.

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