Zikoriya dam ‘Dome Ghat’ bridge broke today: Ainul Rehman

Medinipur East: ‘Dome Ghat’ bridge made of bamboo balls on the Zikoriya dam located in Udaipur village of Medinipur East district of West Bengal broke once again late last night. Although there was no loss of life or property, but the village on other side of the bridge with a population of about five lakhs has lost its connection with city once again.

जिस पुल को बनाने की ममता दीदी से लगाई थी गुहार, वो आज फिर से टूट गया: ऐनुल रहमान
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Let us inform that huge amount of water was released by the DCM late last night, which created flood-like situation in the river. At the same time, temporary bridge made of bamboo-ball built on Dom Ghat could not bear it even for a moment. Fortunately, no one was present on the bridge when it collapsed.

Let us inform that the ‘Dome Ghat’ bridge made of bamboo shells on Zikoriya dam has been broken many times in the past and more than 17 people have lost their lives. The situation becomes very dangerous during floods. Along with this, the contact of the heavily populated village with the city is also lost.

Recently, local resident and social activist Ainul Rehman, telling the painful story of the bridge through “The Gandhigiri”, appealed to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to build a pucca bridge.