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Karnataka sets new record of 73.19 percent Voter turnout during May 10 Assembly election

Karnataka had set a new record of 73.19 percent Voter Turnout during the May 10 Assembly election. Out of 5,30,85,566 registered voters in the state, 3,88,51,807 came forward to exercise their franchise. The turnout this time has surpassed the previous highest turnout of 72.44 percent set in the 2018 Assembly election. The counting of these votes will begin on May 13th at 8.00am. There are 34 counting centers across the state where arrangements are made to count the votes.

AIR Correspondent reports that Standard Operating Procedure is followed during the counting day. The EVMs are brought out of the strong rooms in the presence of the returning officers and EC Special counting Observers along with the representatives of the political parties. The Control Units of the EVMs are brought to the counting tables under CCTV surveillance and the procedure is filmed.

After removing the seal, a button on the Control unit is pressed to display the votes to different candidates. These numbers are recorded in the result sheets.

Thereafter VVPAT machines are selected randomly through a draw of lots and the paper slips displaying party symbols are counted. Every counting table will have a micro observer, supervisor and assistants. There will be 10 to 14 tables in the counting centers with two tables dedicated for postal ballots. There will be three layers of security around the counting centers.
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