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Balrampur Hospital: Health department’s corruption case surfaced in Yogi government

Lucknow. Anti-corruption campaign of Yogi government is being blown in capital. Despite this, it is being ignore by the officer’s smudge game. One such health department case has come up.

In Balrampur Hospital, millions rupees painting work was given to a firm without tendering. There was a complaint suit to the CM Yogi regarding this matter. After the complaint sent on CM portal, orders for investigation have been issued. Now, there has been a ruckus from Health Department to hospital.

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The complaint explicitly alleges that, an favored firm has been hired to maintenance and painting work for the hospital. Yogi government was released the budget of Rs 80 lakh for such work about six months ago. Reconstruction and painting work were to be done with this budget in the Balrampur hospital administration. This work was to be done by tendering as per rules.

Gyaneshwar the Complainant, told to News Readers that a complainant lodged by CM portal against hospital administration distributed work on behalf of “Work Order” without passing any tender process. While there is no rule to make millions of rupees work on work order. It had to be tender.

After this complaint, orders for investigation have also been made. Hospital administration has been asked how the work of lakhs of rupees has been done without tendering. Now the top officials of hospital are not able to give any satisfactory answer in this matter.

In this case, Dr. Rajeev Lochan, Director of Balrampur Hospital, said that all fairness has been taken in giving work to the firm. On the basis of the rate of work being done in the civil hospital, instead of the tender process, the work was given to the contractor on the work order.

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Asif Khan

Asif Khan works as freelancer journalist from Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh state in India.. He is native of Gorakhpur district. Asif Khan has worked with former Nav Bharat Times special correspondent Mr. Vijay Dixit, worked as video journalist in IBC24 news from Lucknow, worked with 4tv bureau chief Mr. Ghanshyam Chaurasiya, worked with special correspondent of Jan Sandesh Times Capt. Tapan Dixit. He has worked as special correspondent in The Dailygraph news. Contact with him via mail or call at +91-9389067047

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