Rameez Raja blamed BCCI, said- works with mind set of a particular party

Rameez Raja blamed BCCI, said- works with mind set of a particular party

New Delhi: Former Pakistan chairman Rameez Raja has once again given a controversial statement regarding the BCCI. Rameez Raja said that the Board of Control for Cricket in India is BJP. Rameez Raja said these things during a program at Government College University Lahore.

Former PCB chairman Rameez Raja said that the Indian mindset was to stop the progress of Pakistan cricket. Rameez Raja said, “Unfortunately what is happening with India is that there is a BJP mentality. The assets that I announced, be it the PJL or the Pakistan Women’s League, were done so that we could create our own money-making assets that would fund the Pakistan Cricket Board, taking us away from ICC funding. ”

Trying to marginalize Pakistan
He then added, “Our independence is compromised because most of the ICC’s resources are made in India. If India’s mindset is to marginalize Pakistan, then we will be neither here nor there. Raja also said that he had spoken to the Australia and England cricket boards and asked them to take leadership roles in the ICC so that the organization would not bow down to the pressure of money.

Controversy erupted over Asia Cup
Let us tell you that there is a dispute going on between BCCI and PCB regarding Asia Cup 2023. Actually the Asia Cup of 2023 is proposed in Pakistan. In such a situation, BCCI Secretary Jai Shah had said that if the Asia Cup is held in Pakistan, India will not participate in it.

On the other hand, after Jai Shah’s statement, the then PCB Rameez Raja opposed it and talked about keeping Pakistan out of the One Day World Cup. Actually, the 2023 ODI World Cup is to be held in India. In such a situation, there is a war of words between the two countries.

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