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Chris Gayle said to Ramnaresh Sarvan “you are worse than coronavirus”

Jamaica: All is not well between two former West Indies captains, Chris Gayle and Ramnaresh Sarwan. Gayle is sitting on a Saravanan and has called him a snake.

Chris was not retained by Caribbean Premier League team Jamaica Talawaz. Chris Gayle has alleged that Ramnaresh Sarwan has created a rift between the franchisee and him.

Gayle has said that Saravanan wants to take control of the franchise and hence he conspired to get Gayle out of the team.

He said in a video on YouTube, “Saravanan you are worse than Corona virus. You have played a big role in what happened with Talavah, because you are very close to the boss. You were at my last birthday party and were talking about where we have come with both of us. “

He said, “Saravanan you are a snake, you are revengeful, you are very immature. You are still stabbing people in the back. When will you change Don’t even think about meeting the Universe Boss, because I’m speaking directly to you. not now.”

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