Athos Salome: FIFA World Cup already predicted Argentina victory

Nostradamus FIFA World Cup: There are many soothsayers in the world whose predictions people believe. Now these days a prophet from Brazil is being discussed all over the world. The name of this soothsayer is Athos Salome, who is being compared to Nostradamus. Athos Salome is said to be a modern day Nostradamus whose many predictions have come true. Brazilian astrologer Athos Salome also predicted the FIFA World Cup 2022, which has proved to be absolutely true.

Argentina won the FIFA World Cup title for the third time after defeating France 4-2 in the penalty shoot-out in the final. Argentina’s team captain Messi played an important role in this victory. You will not believe knowing, but the young prophet of Brazil, Athos Salome, had predicted Messi to become the world champion earlier.

Argentina beat Croatia to make it to the final while France beat Morocco to enter the qualifying match. After this Salome predicted Messi’s team Argentina to become the world champion.

According to the predictions of Athos Salome, Argentina will win the FIFA World Cup 2022 by defeating France in a thrilling title match. Apart from this, Salome also predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth of Britain this year. Apart from this, the spread of corona virus was also predicted.

Athos Salome is nicknamed the French philosopher Nostradamus because of his accurate predictions. He predicted Messi’s World Cup journey with Argentina would end and Julián Álvarez’s time as the South American’s star player would begin. Athos Salome had given number 7 to France and number 8 to Argentina. He referred to the great mathematician Pythagoras while making his predictions.

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