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Shri Mahakal Lok, you will be admiring supernatural beauty

Mahakaleshwarji is one of the famous Jyotirlingas for the worship of Lord Shiva. That's why people have deep faith in it and for its devotion

PM Modi will inaugurate ‘Shri Mahakal Lok’ today on October 11 in Ujjain, one of the oldest cities of India. In such a situation, the supernatural scenes of ‘Shri Mahakal Lok’ are being discussed everywhere. Many pictures of Mahakal Lok are also presenting a view of their grandeur on social media. The inauguration of the new form of Mahakaleshwar temple is going to prove to be an important event in the journey of India’s historical and civilizational nation. Actually, there are two main reasons for this. First, faith and second devotion.

The main among the Jyotirlingas is ‘Mahakaleshwarji’.

Yes, Mahakaleshwarji is one of the famous Jyotirlingas for the worship of Lord Shiva. That’s why people have deep faith in it and for its devotion, people come here even after crossing the seven seas. It is to be known that the Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain had to face invasions during the medieval period. The Rudrasagar lake mentioned in Skanda Purana also became a pond of polluted water.

World famous as mythological city

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took up the work of their renovation. The dream which he had seen in 2017 is going to come true now. Keeping in mind the splendor, traditions, religious, cultural and historical importance of the mythological city of Ujjain, the effective development plan made by the state government for the overall development of the region is now taking shape. On this occasion, PM Modi is coming to Ujjain to inaugurate the first phase of the scheme in a dignified ceremony. It is a matter of pride and good fortune. According to the information, PM Modi will worship Mahakaleshwar after visiting Shri Mahakaleshwar temple at 5:25 pm. After this, from 6:25 to 7:05 pm, ‘Shri Mahakal Lok’ will be dedicated to the nation and will participate in the public function at Kartik Mela Ground.

On whose lines “Shri Mahakal Lok” is being made?

It is noteworthy that “Shri Mahakal Lok” is being built on the lines of “Banaras Corridor”. The estimated cost of the “Shri Mahakal Lok” area development project is Rs.800 crore. In the first phase of the scheme, small and big Rudrasagar, Harsiddha Temple, Char Dham Temple, Vikram Tila etc. have been developed in the courtyard of Lord Shri Mahakaleshwar at a cost of Rs 350 crore. This includes the work of Mahakal Plaza, Mahakal Corridor, Mid-way Zone, Mahakal Theme Park, Ghat and DAC Area, Nutan School Complex and Ganesh School Complex.

What is the specialty of Mahakal Corridor?

In the first component of the Mahakal corridor, a 200 meter long walkway has been made suitable for walking. It has a 25 feet high and 500 meters long mural wall. In addition, 108 Shiva pillars have been built with different postures of Shiva, which are spreading different shades. These pillars depict the Ananda Tandava form of Lord Shiva. Religious idols depicting Lord Shiva have been installed along the Mahakal path. The wall paintings along the path are based on stories from the Shiva Purana. Lotus Pond, open air theater and lake front area and routes for e-rickshaws and casual vehicles have also been made. The big Rudra Sagar lake is filled with clean water.

Renovation of ‘Shri Mahakal Lok’ will be completed in two phases

At the same time, the work of the second phase will be completed in the year 2023-24. Maharajwada complex will be developed in this phase. In which the historic Maharajwada Bhawan will be reused as a heritage, the old relics will be included in the form of Kumbh Museum and this complex will be integrated with the Mahakal temple complex.

Doors will open for common devotees from today

It will be opened for common devotees after PM Modi surrenders the works of the first phase to the nation. As soon as the first phase of works opens from the fourth arm of the Hari Phatak Bridge, as soon as the devotees reach the Triveni Museum, they will have a supernatural vision of Baba Shri Mahakal. Pilgrims will get world class modern facilities. The experiences of the pilgrims visiting the temple will be memorable.

Lord Mahakaleshwar included in the Dwadash Jyotirlingas is famous not only in the country-state but in the world. Lakhs of devotees gather every year to have a glimpse of Lord Mahakaleshwar. Lord Mahakal is seated in Avantika, one of the salvation Saptpuris.

Laser show, water curtain show and shopping complex

In the Saptarishi complex, necessary information has been given about the huge statues of sages along with them. The slaughter of Tripurasura is depicted in a huge sculpture. Here Lord Shiva riding a chariot is killing Tripurasura. Pinak gate is for those who want to enter the temple directly. This is the Ghat of the mythical Rudra Sagar. Light and sound show, laser show and water curtain show will be shown at Rudra Sagar. Apart from this, a shopping complex has also been built in Shri Mahakal Lok, where shops of various items related to religion and culture will start from flowers, prasad. Facility center number-2 is located near the complex, where arrangements have been made to store shoes, slippers and bags. Arrangements for toilets and snacks and pure drinking water have also been made nearby.

Country’s longest mural painting wall in Shri Mahakal Lok

Shri Mahakal Lok has the longest wall with mural painting in the country. Shiva stories have been engraved on the stones on this wall. Shri Mahakal Lok is made in two parts. Pedestrian path on one side and ekart path on the other. Between the two paths, 108 Shivstambhas are built with different postures of Shiva, which are spreading different shades. This pillar is not ordinary, on every pillar the dancing posture of Shiva is inscribed. CCTV cameras have also been installed on them.

Country’s first night garden built here

The country’s first night garden has been built in Mahakal Lok, where there is a feeling of night even in the day. A huge meditative statue of Shiva has been built amidst the circular night garden. Just in front of it is the Neelkanth complex. Attractive electrical decoration has been done in Mahakal Lok spread over 20 acres. During the night, when the idols and murals are illuminated, the whole world glows with a golden aura. The plants of horticultural species described in Abhigyan Shakuntam of the great poet Kalidas have been planted in Sri Mahakal Lok. These include Rudraksha, Bakul, Kadamba, Belpatra, Saptparni etc.

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