New Year 2023: One lakh devotees started new year by visiting Baba Neeb Karori

Uttarakhand News: On the occasion of new year, there was a flood of faith in various temples of the region including Kainchi Dham. About 1 lakh devotees reached the Dham and visited Baba Neeb Karori. During this, along with the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa, the atmosphere became devotional with the cheers of Baba Neeb Karori. Everyone prayed for the prosperity of the nation.

Members of the temple trust continued to make arrangements. Due to the arrival of a large number of devotees, there was a four km long jam from Dham to Niglat. Baba’s devotees started arriving at Kainchi Dham from 4 am on Sunday, New Year. Till noon, thousands of Baba devotees visited and offered prayers. There was a queue of devotees from the temple premises to the highway.

Baba devotees had reached Kainchi Dham from surrounding areas as well as from outside states. Devotees queued up and bowed their heads at Baba’s door. Hanuman Chalisa was recited. The whole atmosphere became devotional with Baba’s praises. There was a crowd of devotees in the temple premises till late evening.

According to the information received from the Kainchi Dham Temple Committee, the process of reaching the devotees which started from morning continued till late evening. During this, till evening, more than 1 lakh devotees visited Baba. The temple trust had also made special preparations so that the devotees do not face any problem. The members were busy making arrangements throughout the day.

Police handled front, PAC-CPU also deployed:
On the possibility of increasing the pressure of vehicles in Kainchi Dham on New Year, the police had already made preparations to deal with it, which proved effective. The traffic remained smooth only intermittently. Along with PAC, CPU, the jawans of Bhawali Police Station and Khairna Chowki remained busy throughout the day. To handle the system, four PAC personnel, including two CPUs, Bhawali police station in-charge Umesh Malik, Khairna outpost incharge Dilip Singh, Girish Tamta, Jagdish Dhami, Prayag Joshi, Anand Rana etc. stayed on the highway till late evening.

50 thousand devotees visited Maa Purnagiri:
About 50,000 devotees bowed their heads at the well-known Maa Purnagiri Dham and asked for a vow on the occasion of Thirty First and New Year. From the day of Thirty First, a large number of devotees started reaching here from Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh and other states as well.

A large number of devotees reached Tanakpur in the train. From here went to Thuligad in vehicles operated by the taxi union. 40 taxi vehicles were operated by the union till Bhairav temple.

Also, the devotees reached Tanakpur by buses, private vehicles, two wheelers. It was divided into six sectors by the administration from Tanakpur to the main temple. Apart from calling police force from outside districts, a platoon PAC was deployed for the safety of the devotees.

Devotees also reached to visit the Siddhnath temple located in Mahendra Nagar and Brahmadev of the neighboring country Nepal. The religious journey of the devotees is considered successful only after the darshan of the Siddhnath temple after the darshan of Maa Purnagiri Dham.

Here the devotees had to wait in line for hours to visit Maa Purnagiri Dham. This time there was no jam on Sharda Ghat and barrage road due to the alert of the police administration.

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