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UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh conducts corona virus test, report got….!

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Lucknow. There was chaos among everyone who attended the party with Corona virus positive Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor. In such a situation, sample of 10 people including Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh and his wife were taken by Lucknow Health Department team on Saturday for investigation of Corona. After the investigation, all reports have come negative.

It is to tell that, along with Health Minister who joined a party with Kanika Kapoor, reports of his wife and all the people working in his house have also come negative. At present, Jai Pratap Singh will remain in isolation for next 14 days. All 10 people in house have also been asked to be in isolation.

The Health Minister released his statement saying that he had isolated himself at home after Kanika Kapoor was found to be corona positive. He was also in the family party. Singh told that he had gone to the party due to an old relationship with Kapoor.

The Health Minister said, “At the moment I am fully fit and fit. On opinion of the doctors I will remain in isolation. Suggestion needs to be implemented, not to be afraid of Corona.”

Significantly, after coming to Lucknow from London, Kanika Kapoor joined a high-profile party at residence of former MP Akbar Ahmed Dumpy. Party was attended by more than 100 celebrities, including Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh, and many prominent politicians, bureaucrats, MPs and retired judges.

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