This prince left Congress hand.. said, ‘I feel very relaxed’

Congress Tripura chief Pradyot Deb Barman resigns from the party and said he was feeling relaxed. He gave this information by his Twitter account on Tuesday. Along with this, Barman also gave the reason for his resignation.

Tripura Prince Kirit Pradyot Deb Barman, son of Tripura’s last king, has left the congress party. Giving the reason for this, he said that, corrupt and criminal types of people are being placed at the top of the party. Which is not acceptable for him. However, no explanation has been given by the Congress Party on this yet.

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Kirit Pradyot Deb Barman wrote that, “Woke up today after a long time feeling relaxed. I start this day without having to listen to criminals and liars. Not having to worry about which colleague will back stab u, not having to indulge in groupism and backchat. Not having to listen to ‘High Command’ on how to accommodate corrupt people in high positions.


Tripura Congress Chief wrote

Tripura Congress Chief resigns writing this, “When I woke up relaxed this morning I realized how my health and my life was being affected because I was not ready to allow wrong elements in our society get into posts and position which would destroy our state. I tried and perhaps I lost but then how could I win when I was alone in this fight from the beginning? I have decided that a positive mindset to life is what I need and I have changed the people around me who are negative.

Let me tell you that, Pradyot Deb Burman is the prince of Tripura as well as the editor of The Northeast Today (TNT) magazine and the president of Royal Heritage Hotel. His father Kirit Bikram Kishore Deb Barman was the last 185th Raja of Tripura who won the East Tripura Lok Sabha seat thrice from the Congress party.

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