Shivpal released seven sources of agricultural reform plan by including farmer leader in the team

Lucknow. Naveen Dubey, a Brahmin leader and Supreme Court advocate along with farmer leader Manveer Singh Tewatiya, has taken pardon by expressing faith in the views of the national president of the Pragatist Samajwadi Party-Lohia (Pragatishil Samajwadi Party) Shivpal Singh Yadav .

In the Mayawati government of 2010, Manveer Singh Tewatia, who came into the limelight during the peasants’ movement in Alappa’s Tappal in the Mayawati government and burnt the struggle in favor of the farmers against the land acquisition in Bhatta village of Greater Noida, was called the Pragatishil Samajwadi Party ) The national president gave the membership of Praspa by giving the flag of Praspa.

In this sequence, hundreds of people, including filmmaker directors Ajay Singh Sainthwar, Suresh Yadav, took membership of Praspa. On this occasion, Shivpal Singh Yadav released seven sources related to the Agricultural Reform (Reform) Scheme for food providers. Which is as follows-

1 – In the mandis that the central government wants to end, in those mandis, Honorable Shivpal Singh Yadav was a minister in the government of Uttar Pradesh. It was in the interest of farmers, so it is necessary to have positive thinking towards the mandis and farmers.

2- Electricity, water, diesel, petrol, fertilizers, seeds, roads and agricultural implements and agricultural land purchases for farmers laborers should be tax free.

3- A provision should be made to ensure government procurement of crops whose minimum support price is declared by the government on all working days.

4- Amending the labor laws to ensure constitutional rights to the labor (labor / wages) of the farmers, that is, the minimum support price is calculated by adding wages for the entire year i.e. 365 days equal to the MNREGA.

5- Assessment of the property of the farmers and laborers at the circle rate, and loan should be given to them as per their requirement, which should be provided for payment in installments also.

6 – Strict law should be made against those who adulterate food, beverages and medicines.

7 – If the outstanding payment of the farmer is on any institution, he should be given penal interest on his outstanding amount.

On this occasion, Shivpal Yadav said that the farmer can solve the crisis in the right way only the plowman can find out.

Shivpal Yadav said that the Progressive Samajwadi Party (Lohia) has pledged to follow the stated paths of Chhoturam, Chaudhary Charan Singh and Mahendra Singh Tikait.

Manveer Singh Tewatia said that the government should not test the patience of self-respecting donors.

Filmmaker Ajay Singh Sainthwar said that he would soon make a film on the personality of Shivpal Singh.

The event was also addressed by party state president Sundar Lal Lodhi, national general secretary Sharda Shukla, chief spokesperson Deepak Mishra, state general secretary Devendra Pratap Singh and advocate Naveen Dubey.

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