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Senior Gujarat Congress leader Badruddin Sheikh dies due to corona infection

Ahmedabad: Senior Congress leader Badruddin Sheikh died the night he was infected with corona virus.

He was admitted to the SVP hospital for the last few days for treatment. Senior Congress leader Shakti Singh Gohil gave this information via tweet.

He wrote that today I do not have the words Badruddin Bhai was considered a strong pillar of Gujarat Congress.

I have known Congress leader Badruddin for the last 40 years when he was in the Youth Congress. He was continuously working for the poor people and from there he got corona infection.

Let me tell you that Badruddin Sheikh was a Congress corporator from Behrampura. He has held many important positions in Gujarat Congress.

He was admitted to the SVP Hospital for treatment on 15 April due to being corona infected. Earlier, he was also kept in Quarantine for a few days.

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