RLD Prez Jayant Jayant Chowdhary said – Our doors are closed for BJP, caste census right

RLD Prez Jayant Chaudhary said - Our doors are closed for BJP, caste census right

Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) President Jayant Chowdhary has said that there is no possibility of their alliance with the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He has remained with the Samajwadi Party and will continue to do so. He said that his doors were closed forever for the BJP and there was no possibility of the two parties coming together. He will work to strengthen the Rashtriya Lok Dal and the alliance. He has alleged that the present Central-UP government is insensitive to the interests of the farmers and so far the sugarcane price has not been announced. He said that his fight for the interests of the farmers will continue.

Jayant Chaudhary has got another term as the president in the annual convention of Rashtriya Lok Dal held in New Delhi. Jayant Chowdhary said that there is no possibility of alliance between BJP and him. Even during the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the BJP did not make any formal effort to form an alliance with him. Only Amit Shah spoke about trying to form an alliance with us during a public meeting, but no formal contact was made with him.

Jayant Chowdhary, who is handling the political legacy of Chowdhary Charan Singh and Chowdhary Ajit Singh, said that their alliance has already planned to contest elections in some other states including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. They will enter the electoral battle ground of these states with the alliance and win. He said that his association with Chandrashekhar Azad, a youth leader fighting for Dalit rights, would continue. At the time of elections, they will fight together by coordinating on the seats.

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A record investment of Rs 33.50 lakh crore has been achieved in Uttar Pradesh by the Yogi Adityanath government. It is obvious that in the next elections, they will present development as a big claim, while the leader of your alliance, Akhilesh Yadav, is trying to make caste census an issue. Do you think that you will be able to counter BJP’s claim of development with the help of caste census?

Expressing his opinion, Jat leader Jayant Chowdhary said that such announcements have been made earlier also. Till these do not land on the ground, such announcements cannot be seen with much confidence. The announcements made earlier remained just a “Jumla” (Joke). Secondly, the government should also know the ground reality of the number of different sections of the society at present. Only after having the correct figures, development plans can be made and implemented for them.

Responding to a question on farmers, Choudhary said that instead of fighting with others, the present government has been fighting with the farmers. He alleged that no work has been done for the farmers in the BJP government. Despite repeated assurances, the sugarcane price has not yet been declared. Every year the cost of farmers is increasing, but the government is not trying to provide any relief to them. He has said that his fight will continue to protect the rights of the farmers.

Many farmer leaders including Gurnam Singh Chadhuni were also invited to the national convention of RLD. These leaders talked about coming together and fighting the election battle on the issue of farmers in the coming elections.

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