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Prime Minister and Bhagwat dreams, but we will not let reservation to finish – Rahul Gandhi

rahul gandhi on reservation

New Delhi: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has strongly attacked the BJP and the Sangh over reservation. He said that the BJP government wants to remove reservation from the Constitution. Opposed of reservation is in the DNA of RSS and BJP. We will not allow reservation to end.

Rahul Gandhi said that no matter how much Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mohan Bhagwat dream, we will not allow reservation to end. He said, “BJP is opposed to reservation. They want SC-ST community to never move forward.”

Rahul Gandhi, while speaking to The Gandhigiri reporter in the Parliament complex, alleged that the Modi government is against reservation. This government wants to separate reservation from the Constitution on one pretext. Such efforts are constantly on their side. They want the SC-ST community not to grow.

The Congress leader said that now the decision has come that reservation is not a fundamental right. The government of Uttarakhand has said all this in the Supreme Court. This is the BJP’s way of repealing the reservation.

He said that reservation is a direct part of the constitution. Gandhi accused the government of attacking the constitution. People are not allowed to speak. These (central government) pressurize the judiciary. Breaking the pillars of the constitution one by one. Rahul claimed that BJP and RSS have DNA that they want to erase reservation.

Significantly, the Supreme Court has said in one of its decisions that reservation in promotion is not a fundamental right. The Supreme Court has approved the amendment of the Central Government, ruling on petitions challenging the validity of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act, 2018. Now the police can arrest the accused immediately under the SC-ST Act without investigation..

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