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Poor thoughts of BJP leaders, first Muslims were spreading corona, now farmers are spreading bird flu

Just as some BJP leaders and Godi Media together held the Muslims responsible for spreading Coronavirus and instigated religious fires across the country, the same fire is now for agitating farmers. Sometimes they are being instigated by saying that they are pro-Khalistani and sometimes they are responsible for spreading bird flu.

Madan Dilawar, an BJP MLA from Rajasthan’s Kota, has issued a video message accusing farmers of protesting on the borders of Delhi as terrorists and spreading bird flu.

Describing the protesters as the so-called farmers, the BJP MLA said that these people are celebrating a picnic in the name of the movement. Trying to spread bird flu by eating cashews, almonds and chicken biryani.

In a two-minute video message, Dilawar is seen saying, “The so-called farmers are agitators. What are you agitating for? All the three bills which have been introduced for the farmers should be repealed so that the farmers do not get benefits. These so-called farmers are not worried about the country, the people of the country are also not worried, what is the movement for them .. They are having a picnic, eating chicken biryani, eating cashew almonds. They are doing all kinds of opulence and coming there in different ways, there can also be terrorists in it. Some thieves may also be robbers in it. Some farmers may also have enemies. All these people want to ruin the country.”


BJP MLA Madan Dilawar did not stop here. He said, “By eating chicken biryani, I understand it is a conspiracy to spread bird flu. I am afraid that if the Central Government does not remove them, then they can create a large-scale movement in the country. Therefore, the government is requested to stop these agitators from gathering immediately. They are harassing people by sitting on the streets. ”

In response to this video message from the BJP MLA, Rajasthan Congress chief Govind Singh Dotasara strongly condemned his statement and called it a shameful remark.

Sharing the video message of the BJP MLA, he wrote, “It is shameful for BJP, Rajasthan MLA Madan Dilawar ji to use words like terrorists, robbers for farmers. You are calling the food provider who brought food to your stomach a picnic, you are responsible for the bird flu? This statement of yours reflects the thinking of the BJP. ”

Significantly, after the Nizamuddin Marqaz case in Delhi during initial phase of Corona epidemic, BJP leaders and Godi Media had fiercely blamed Muslims of the country as directly responsible for spreading the corona. The impact of the poison spread by BJP leader and Godi Media remained in minds of the countrymen for a long time. Ultimately, an judgment of Bombay High Court hit the Godi Media and BJP leaders making inflammatory statements. Despite this, neither the dock media nor any BJP leaders apologized for misrepresentation.

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