NCB raid on October 3 was ‘fake’: Nawab Malik

Mumbai: In the drugs case, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has so far taken many big celebs in its clutches. Meanwhile, minister of Maharashtra government, Nawab Malik has alleged that political attacks are being made on him through NCB.

He said, “BJP leaders were talking that my son-in-law is a drug dealer, he was arrested. Attempts were made to defame NCP. My son-in-law was kept in jail for 8.5 months. Got bail order only yesterday.”

At the same time, now the Maharashtra government has increased the security of Nawab Malik. Malik will be given Y+ security. Earlier he had a police guard with a pistol.

Nawab Malik has now been given four armed police guards with pilot car under Y+ security and four armed police guards at his residence.

Malik then alleged that the NCB raid on a luxury cruise off the Mumbai coast was ‘fake’.

He had said that our allegation is that BJP is conspiring to defame Maharashtra, Maharashtra government and Bollywood for the last one year.

3 October NCB drama was fake. Let us inform that NCB had arrested 8 people including Shahrukh’s son Aryan on the same day.

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