Congress leader Satish Jarkiholi said, Hindu word is Persian, it means very dirty

Karnataka Congress Working President Satish Jarkiholi has given a very shameful statement. He said that the word Hindu does not belong to India. He said that the word is Parsi. He said Parsis are in Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan. So where did this come from? Controversy has started regarding this statement of the Congress leader.

Where is the relation of Hindu with India?

In his statement, the Congress leader also said that what is the relation of Hindu with India. How is this yours? This should be discussed. He repeated again and again that the word Hindu is not yours. Along with this, he asked people to look on Wikipedia.

Along with this, Congress leader Satish Jarkiholi also said that if you understand the meaning of the word Hindu, then you will be ashamed. He said that the meaning of Hindu is very dirty.

He said that by bringing the word of religion somewhere, you are putting force on us. Karnataka Congress leaders had arrived in Belagavi district to take part in an event. During this, he has given this objectionable statement.

Why so much emphasis on the word that came from Persia, would be ashamed to know the meaning

The Congress leader was addressing people during an event at Nippani in Karnataka’s Belagavi district on Sunday during which he made this controversial statement. Jarkiholi said why people are putting so much emphasis on this foreign word.

He said that Hindu is such a word from Persia, knowing the meaning of which you will be ashamed. Why are we giving so much importance to this word? Why is this word being imposed on us? There should be a conversation on this.

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