BJP and RSS destroy all institutions: Rahul Gandhi

Tamil Nadu: The former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is trying hard to win in Tamil Nadu. In this episode, he is on a state tour where he did a roadshow.

After the roadshow in Thoothukudi, Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the Modi government. He said that secularism is the foundation of our culture and history. Secularism is under attack at the behest of RSS and BJP.

Congress leader said in his address that if the balance between the institutions deteriorates, then the nation is disturbed. For the last 6 years all institutions have been attacked systematically.

He further said, “It is sad that democracy has died in India because RSS, an organization, is spoiling and ruining the institutional balance of our country. It is not just an attack on the constitution but also an attack on history and culture.”

Rahul Gandhi also raised the issue of border dispute and said that China has occupied some strategic areas of India. He first tested the idea in Doklam, noting that India did not react. Then he repeated that idea in Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh. In this government, our land in Depsang will not be returned.

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Asif Khan

Asif Khan works as freelancer journalist from Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh state in India.. He is native of Gorakhpur district. Asif Khan has worked with former Nav Bharat Times special correspondent Mr. Vijay Dixit, worked as video journalist in IBC24 news from Lucknow, worked with 4tv bureau chief Mr. Ghanshyam Chaurasiya, worked with special correspondent of Jan Sandesh Times Capt. Tapan Dixit. He has worked as special correspondent in The Dailygraph news. Contact with him via mail asifkhan2.127@gmail.com or call at +91-9389067047

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