Ashoka and Aurangzeb dispute increasing pit between BJP-JDU


Patna: The tussle between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Janata Dal United (JDU) in Bihar over the comparison of Emperor Ashoka with Aurangzeb is not taking its name to a halt.

BJP and JDU leaders have come face to face on this matter. JDU Parliamentary Board National President Upendra Kushwaha has written a letter to BJP State President and MP Sanjay Jaiswal, in which he said, ‘I completely agree with your statement regarding the alliance. It is necessary in the interest of the state that the alliance should run properly and it is our duty to continue it. But, we cannot agree with your opinion on the issue of Emperor Ashoka. Your statement in this context is completely chubby and misleading.

He wrote that, ‘Your party cannot tolerate any tampering in the golden history of Indian kings. My question is whether you consider the comparison of Emperor Ashoka to Aurangzeb by Dayaprasad Sinha in blasphemous language or not.

Kushwaha has also said in a letter to the BJP State President that, ‘You have said in your statement that it is nonsense to demand the return of the award given by the President to the Prime Minister. My second question to you is whether the demand should be made to the Prime Minister or the President, we will decide together, but first of all, clearly tell whether you support our demand for the return of the award or not.

The letter further states that, ‘You have written in your statement that the Bihar government should act on your application and make Daya Prasad Sinha convicted, then a delegation should meet the President to demand the withdrawal of the Padma Shri award. This statement of yours is also completely disorienting, because in your statement you yourself have mentioned that the President did not take back the medal of wrestler Sushil Kumar despite being convicted of murder.

It was further written that, ‘Still your saying that after the conviction of Daya Prasad Sinha, the return of the award should be demanded, if not humor then what is. It is clear from your statement that the state government has no role in the return of the award.

Kushwaha has written that, ‘It is possible for you to oppose the blasphemous attempt to redefine history in a derogatory manner towards Emperor Ashoka by giving an application to the Itishree Bihar Police, but our protest will continue till Daya Prasad. Sinha’s award is not refundable whether by the President or the Prime Minister.

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