Suppression of Kanti – Dawat print media’s workers on ask for rights

New Delhi: Employees of Kanti and Daawat newspapers, which are published under Jamaat-e-Islami Hind from capital of the country, have accused their officers of exploitation. It is being told that the officials are deliberately creating problems regarding their salary and tenure.

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Kanti newspaper journalist and famous cartoonist Mohammad Yusuf (Munna) has exposed for the first time arbitrariness going on inside the Jamaat-e-Islamia Hind Trust on his Facebook account. After these revelations, the officials are pressurizing him to remove post from social media. Along with this, they are also threatening departmental action if the post is not removed.

Journalist Yusuf writes that, Employees of Kanti/Dawat newspaper published under Dawat Trust” ever since the Trust’s Chairman and JIH President Saadatullah Hussaini and Secretary Abdul Jabbar has been demanded for Eid relief and salary to the temporary employees as per norms of the government, since then these people are being harassed in various ways.

After the lockdown in Delhi due to Covid, from April 20 to May 20, 2021, salary of 25 days in May was deducted for the employees who worked from home. On protest, it was told that employees who worked from home would be given salary, but till June 11, this assurance was not implemented. However, due to Covid, people in the family of many employees were ill and they are already suffering from financial crisis.

After the lockdown, no guidelines were given by Dawat Trust office for employees to come office. On April 21, employees working from home were issued a notice without any prior notice and warned them of deducting their salary if they were absent. While he was in touch with his editors and doing the work given by them.

After getting notice, all the employees started coming to the office in lockdown, while Delhi government had ordered that 30 to 50 percent of employees would be able to do duty only with a valid identity card.

Employees, in response to the notice dated 24 May 2021, referred to Delhi government’s order to work from home. Thereafter, Secretary Abdul Jabbar verbally barred employees from working and making attendance till his further orders.

When this was opposed in writing, employees were shown on duty from May 27, but attendance of 5 days’ duty (from 27 to 31) was recorded on May 31. However, after receiving notice, employees were present in the office since May 24.

After this, on 2 June, attendance of two employees of May (27 to 31 May) was deleted from register. Name of one of the above two employees was mentioned in attendance register for month of June, but name of other employee has not been mentioned yet (June 11). No reason is being given to him.

June 5, 2021 On instructions of Secretary, a WhatsApp message was sent from Manager that the organization is considering to take 8 to 9 hours of work from employees and retrenchment of more employees is being considered. Departmental action is also being threatened for writing on social media against these arbitrary actions of officers of the institution.

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