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Now Chinese base targeted by Indian nuclear weapons, if anything happens…

New Delhi. India has made a major reshuffle in its nuclear security strategy amid growing tensions with China. According to a report by an ‘American Thinktank’, India has shifted its strategy of development of nuclear bombs and its blockade from Pakistan to focus on China.

India also has the power to launch nuclear attacks from the sea using ballistic missiles. Including the Submarine Launch Ballistic Missile (SLBM) k-4.

Apart from this, K-5 missile is also being developed. The K-4 missile is capable of hitting 3500 km. This missile has been tested 6 times so far.

Aircraft capable of carrying out air-to-air strikes near India include the Mirage 2000H and Jaguar IS aircraft. Apart from these, the Rafale fighter aircraft which will be included later this month are also capable of firing nuclear missiles.

India is upgrading the Mirage 2000h aircraft, after which they will be known as the Mirage 2000i. Now China’s capital Beijing has also come under Indian nuclear missiles.

Apart from this, India is also manufacturing at least three such weapons which will give it a great power against China.

According to a report published in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, after the 2017 Doklam standoff, India has shifted the focus of its nuclear strategy from Pakistan to Beijing.

India used to take steps to protect itself according to Pakistan’s nuclear program.

This report is written by Hannes A. Christens and Matt Korda. Of which Christens is the director of the Nuclear Information Project, while Korda works as a Research Associate at the same institute.

According to this report, India has augmented the plutonium used to make 150 to 200 atomic bombs. However, India currently has a stock of less than 150 nuclear bombs.

According to the report, India is currently capable of carrying out nuclear attacks from ground-air and water. The countries which are able to carry out nuclear attacks through these three mediums are called nuclear trod support countries.

India is also building several other missiles capable of rapidly carrying nuclear warheads. Many of the weapons have reached their final stage.

These include the Agni-6 missile fired from the ground and the K-5 missile fired from submarines.

This report says that India has eight weapons from which nuclear attack can be carried out at any time.

These include 2 air-assaulting weapons, while 4 ground-based ballistic missile systems and 2 sea-based ballistic missile systems. In addition, at least 3 weapons are under development.

India has an intercontinental missile Agni-5, capable of attack up to 5000 km away. This missile is capable of carrying nuclear bombs.

Due to which it can be targeted in many parts of China. Apart from this, the process of development of Agni 6 missile is also going on which will be capable of nuclear attack to a greater range.

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