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Magnetic power produce body after vaccinate, coins, scissors, spoons are sticking on hand

Kota: An strange case of developing magnetic properties (Power) in body has come to light after a youth got corona vaccinate in Kota district of Rajasthan.


Earlier, a similar case had come to the fore in Nashik, Maharashtra. Where an elderly man claimed that after the second dose of his corona vaccine, magnetic properties have arisen in the body. Iron objects like scissors, coins etc. are sticking to their hands and chest.

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Both Sajjan Singh and Lata, residents of RK Puram in Kota, are neighbours. Sajjan Singh has claimed that magnetic properties have developed in his body after the corona vaccine was administered.

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Iron objects like coins, scissors, car keys are sticking to his body. What is the reason behind sticking iron items to the body, it will be revealed only after medical examination. But on social media, it is being told as a side effect of testing the upcoming 5G network.

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Sajjan Singh said that on May 24, he had administered the first dose of the corona vaccine. After which his skin started getting stretched by standing near the iron door or grill.


The very next day his health deteriorated and he fell unconscious. When the doctor was shown, the problem was told in the spinal cord, whose medicine is going on.

But in the last 3-4 days, he felt a stretch in the skin when he came in contact with any iron door, grill or any other iron item.

One or two times he ignored it, but when it started becoming more, he saw by putting a coin on his hand, then the coin stuck to his hand as if there was a magnet in his hand.

Then he put scissors, car keys and other items of iron on his hand, then it also got stuck.

When we discussed about this in the area, it came to know that the same has happened with his neighbour Lata.

Iron material is also sticking to his body, although Lata had taken the first dose of the vaccine two months ago. There is a lot of pain below the knee, the woman has become very weak.

Sajjan Singh told that ever since the iron material has started sticking to his body, since then there is a lot of pain in his legs below the knee and burning sensation is felt in the hand.

On the other hand, the neighbouring lady Lata has become very weak after getting the vaccine, she is not able to eat and drink well.

The young man told that he has shown the doctor of the private hospital, got some tests done.

Similar case has also come in Nashik

It is worth noting that two days ago a similar case had come to light in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Nashik resident Arvind Sonar claimed that he had taken the second dose of Corona vaccine only recently.

After taking this dosage, magnetic properties have arisen in his body. He claimed that spoons, spatula, coins etc. were sticking to his body.

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