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Coronavirus 934 deaths in India, infected reached 29435


New Delhi: The number of coronavirus patients in the country is increasing. So far 6868 people have recovered and returned home. According to information from the Ministry of Health, the number of corona infections in the country has risen to 29435. There are 21632 active cases in them.

So far 934 people have lost their lives across the country from Corona, while it is a matter of relief that a total of 6868 patients have recovered and also returned home.

According to the Union Health Ministry, as of Tuesday morning, 33 corona cases have been reported in Andaman and Nicobar, out of which 11 have been discharged.

Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh had 1183 cases till Tuesday morning. 235 have been discharged, while 31 have died. Only 1 case has been reported in Arunachal Pradesh.

So far, 36 people have been reported to be suffering from the virus in Assam, while 27 have been discharged. One has died here.

This figure is increasing rapidly in Bihar. As of now, according to the Ministry of Health, 345 people are suffering from this virus, out of which 57 have been discharged. Two died here.

There have been 40 cases in Chandigarh. Of these, 17 have been discharged. In Chhattisgarh, 37 cases have been reported and 32 people have been discharged.

Here, the infection from Corona is continuously increasing in Delhi. According to the ministry, 3108 people are suffering from the virus, 877 have been discharged. 54 died here.

Goa Corona remains a free state, while 3548 cases have been reported in Gujarat, out of which 394 have been discharged. 162 people have died here.

Of the 296 reported cases in Haryana, 183 have been discharged. 3 died here.

40 cases were reported in Himachal, 22 were discharged. One has died here.

There have been 546 cases in Jammu and Kashmir. 164 were discharged. 7 have died.

A13 has been discharged in Jharkhand with 82 cases. Now 3 people have died here.

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