Air India is no longer business of G.o.I from today, Tata Group took over after meeting PM Modi

New Delhi: Seizing the opportunity in disaster, the Tata Group has taken over the management and control of Air India from today. Earlier, Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran met Prime Minister Narendra Modi today ahead of the official handover of Air India to the Tata Group.


Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran said, “We are extremely happy that this process has been completed and Air India is coming back under the Tata group. We look forward to working together with all of you to make the airline world class.

Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi on Thursday. Amidst the official handing over of Air India to the Tata Group, the Tata Sons chairman calls on the Prime Minister. The chairman of Tata Sons meets with Prime Minister Modi ahead of the official handover of Air India after the Tata Group won the bid, on October 8, 2021.

After 69 years, the command of Air India has been handed over to the Tata Group again. Tata won a bid of Rs 18,000 crore and took Air India back after 69 years. The auction process took place in October last year and was won by Tales Pvt Ltd, the highest bidder for Air India. Tales Private Limited is a Tata group company.

With this Air India is no longer a Government of India enterprise and has become a private entity. The meeting comes after Air India submitted its balance sheet to Tata Sons’ aviation subsidiary Tales, which will manage the ground handling services of Air India, Air Express and Air India.

Tata Group executives have reviewed the balance sheet and have the option of making any corrections by January 24. Thereafter, the Government of India will hand over Air India, Air Express and its ground handling services to the Tata Group, and with this, the disinvestment of 100 per cent of the state-owned PSUs in Air India will be completed.

The Tata group has already announced advanced meal service on four Air India flights AI864 Mumbai-Delhi, AI687 Mumbai-Delhi, AI945 Mumbai-Abu Dhabi and AI639 Mumbai-Bengaluru from January 27. It will be expanded to other flights and routes in a phased manner.

Along with this, good preparation of cabin crew has already been suggested by the Tata group management. Because they say that the crew members are the brand ambassadors of the airlines.

In addition, the flight announcements will have guest address to the passengers and a recorded message from Ratan Tata will be played on each flight. But Tata’s first and foremost priority regarding Air India is to work on an on-time schedule.

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