ABP Majha fake news brought hundreds of people on road breaking lockdown

Hundreds of people broke into the streets with lockdown due to fake news run on ABP Majha, the Marathi news channel of ABP group. An FIR has been registered against nearly a thousand people, registering a total of three FIRs in this case. Also, a labor leader Vinay Dubey has been arrested, including a reporter for ABP Manjha, the Marathi channel of ABP group, for spreading rumors.

On April 14, after the announcement of the second phase of lock down, there was a sudden rush at Mumbai’s Brandra station in the evening. After that many types of news started circulating in the media. According to Mumbai Police spokesperson Pranab Ashok, around 150 people gathered outside Bandra station.

Let us understand how the rumor originated ..?

On March 30, 2020, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba says that there are no plans to increase the lockdown.

From 2 April 2020, Indian Railways started ticket booking for trips starting 15 April, booking a total of 39,00,000 tickets. The order of cancellation came after the announcement of Lock Down – 2 on 14 April.

On April 11, 2020, Prime Minister Modi talks to the Chief Ministers of all states through video conferencing. No information or any information is given after talks with the Prime Minister’s Office.

Despite this, on the same day in the evening, the statement of the Chief Minister of Delhi and West Bengal comes that the lockdown will be increased. While the Orissa and Punjab governments announce that the lock-down has been extended to their states by 30 April.

Frequent lockdowns are discussed on TV channels from 11 April to 13 April. Almost all the news channels also give all the information quoting ‘sources’ this time. For example, “Five days of concession will be given after 14 April. People will be sent to their homes, etc .. etc… ” But the government and government agency neither deny it nor issue any statement.

On the other hand, people trapped all over the country, including the common laborers, who are trapped in their college universities, etc., take the media rumor of 5 days’ concession seriously and start preparing to return home.

On 13 April, the news comes that the Prime Minister will address the nation on 14 April. Discussions on media channels begin that what will be announced this time ..?

On 14 April morning, PM Modi again announces to increase the lockdown. That too with more strictness. On the same afternoon, ABP Majha (ABP Majha) of the ABP group’s Marathi News Channel runs fake news of running special trains for migrant laborers citing Indian Railways. At the same time, Vinay Dubey, who describes himself as a labor leader, calls for the migrant laborers to return home. His video goes viral.

Vinay Dubey is currently under the custody of Mumbai Police. Her brother has given a statement to a TV channel (NDTV) that he has been a victim of political conspiracy ..?

Perhaps the result of all this was that in the evening of April 14, thousands of crowds gather in front of Bandra station ..? Almost the same was the case in Surat and Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

According to all the media reports, the migrant laborers present in the metros across the country are not only facing a livelihood crisis but the help provided by the state governments and other self-help groups is proving to be insufficient. Local administration, state and central government will have to seriously consider this.

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Asif Khan

Asif Khan works as freelancer journalist from Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh state in India.. He is native of Gorakhpur district. Asif Khan has worked with former Nav Bharat Times special correspondent Mr. Vijay Dixit, worked as video journalist in IBC24 news from Lucknow, worked with 4tv bureau chief Mr. Ghanshyam Chaurasiya, worked with special correspondent of Jan Sandesh Times Capt. Tapan Dixit. He has worked as special correspondent in The Dailygraph news. Contact with him via mail or call at +91-9389067047

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