Covid-19: Dogs spread Coronavirus from bats to humans, study revealed

Toronto: Scientists are studying various species to determine the responsibility for the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), and they speculate that stray dogs, especially their intestines, have played a role in the genesis of the epidemic.

According to the study published in Molecular Biology and Evolution, the disease has progressed from snakes to pangolins in several species recently. And probably all these animals were involved in spreading the infection of SARS Covid 2 among each other. And thus it reached bats and then humans.

According to Shihua Xi of Ottawa University in Canada, the viruses taken from these animals are quite different from SARS Covid 2.

Xi explained, “The ancestral virus of SARS Covid 2 and their closely related virus is an virus found in bats that caused intestinal infections of the Canidae family based on wolves and dogs and probably caused rapid evolution and leaping of the virus. Latter Reached humans. ”

Scientists all over the world are trying to find the species from which covid-19 originally originated and reached humans. Researchers believe that the results of this study underscore that SARS, such as the coronavirus in the Canidae family, needs to be monitored.

Xi says that ZAP is an important antiviral protein in humans and mammals that stops a virus in its passage. He degrades the genome by stopping the virus from growing at its core. Xi reported that ZAP targets a chemical added CpG dinucleotide within its RNA genome. But the virus may attack again.

They say that corona virus like Sars Covid can escape from ZAP and in this way it neutralizes antiviral proteins.

According to the researchers, one consequence of this may be that the rest of the CpG dinucleotide on the viral genome may be important.

In this research Xi studied all 1252 betacoronavirus genomes that are stored in gene banks. Access to this database with genetic sequences is uninterrupted.

He explained, “The virus first originated in a tissue that had high levels of ZAP. It is beneficial for viral genomes with low CpG.”

“The second most important thing is that the virus remains alive, indicating that it successfully managed to escape from ZAP. In other words, the virus has become extremely deadly and dangerous to humans.”

When Xi studied these data in dogs, only one genome of the corona virus (CCOVS) found in the Canidae family had the same CpG value that was found in SARS COVID 2 and BATCOVID RATG 13.

CCOVS is a highly contagious intestinal disease that has affected dogs around the world.

Based on this, Xi has told that the coronavirus first spread from bats to the Canidae family (Dogs) who ate the flesh of bats.

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Source- NDTV

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