Baba Ramdev problems increased, one more case filed in by IMA Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Another police case registered against yoga guru Baba Ramdev in Gujarat and demanded action against him. Indian Medical Association Gujarat branch accused him for increasing the business of his medicines by defaming allopathy.

Dr. Kamlesh Saini, secretary of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), has filed a complaint against Baba Ramdev at Navarangpura police station in Ahmedabad.

It has accused of maligning allopathy and discouraging physicians attempting to save lives of people in the corona pandemic.

Medical association (IMA) has also alleged that Baba Ramdev is trying to defame allopathy to increase the business of Patanjali’s corona drug Coronil. He also said that Baba wants to create controversy and remain in the discussion.

Saini alleged that drug controller of the government had also banned the advertisement of Patanjali’s drug Coronil and did not recognize it as a corona drug.

Association has demanded action against Baba under the Indian Penal Code, Disaster Management Act and Epidemic Act.

Where did Saini say that the doctor and I am not against Ayurveda, but Baba Ramdev is insulting medical science by calling it a stupid science.

The association believes that Baba Ramdev is trying to discredit allopathy to increase the business of his medicines.

Medical association is angry with the statements of Baba, who are constantly coming to allopathy in TV channels and internet media.

The association is upset with Baba’s claims that 90 percent people have recovered from Ayurveda and Yoga and that doctors have died even after taking two doses of the vaccine. This is a misleading statement to the people of the country.

Earlier, police cases have been registered against Baba in many other states on behalf of the association.

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