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Does UP also need ‘Padmen’ Parashar of Rajasthan? Know about him


Lucknow: In view of the global epidemic coronavirus, where everything is closed, due to this lockdown, there is a lot of tension in the women of Uttar Pradesh as well. The reason is regular menstrual period, that is, due to the long lockdown, not getting out of the house during the period and not getting the pad is a big problem.

Women living in the Red Zone and curfew affected areas have a worse situation. On one side, most shops including medical stores are closed, on the other hand, due to the silence on such shops, women also are hesitant to buy sanitary pads.

In such a situation, Ashish Parashar, called “Padman” of Rajasthan, feels need in all states of the country including Uttar Pradesh. Ashish hails from Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan. He has formed a group together with his colleagues. This group has taken up the task of providing free sanitary pads to women from house to house with the help of police in curfew areas.

Ashish Parashar is also working to connect people by creating a group called “Padman Jaipur” on WhatsApp. Messages are recieve them through WhatsApp for help where there is big problem of opening up mainly medical stores and shops.

Members of the group also talked to companies making sanitary napkins and persuaded them to provide pads at a cheaper rate. After this, an “Nirbhaya Squad Team” was formed with help of police to provide sanitary pads to women in curfew affected areas.

When group sought help from Nirbhaya team in-charge Sunita Meena, she immediately agreed. According to Sunita Meena, everyone is distributing food and drink to women. But during this time the safety of women’s health is also very important. This is the reason why all the women policemen involved in the team are helping the Padman team.

There are many problems in the long-term lockdown caused by the coronavirus. Government and social organizations are working from their level on most major problems.

In the midst of all this there are some such problems which if not taken care of at the time, then not only the spread of infection of many diseases arises but there is also the risk of life.

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