Nusrat Jahan now revealed something big about her husband Nikhil Jain

Kolkata: Trinamool Congress MP and actress Nusrat Jahan on Wednesday claimed about her ex husband that her marriage to Nikhil Jain is not valid in India. She said that there was only a live-in relationship between them and their separation happened a long time ago.

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Nusrat reportedly married businessman Nikhil Jain in Turkey in 2019. A reception was also held in Kolkata, which was attended by celebrities and prominent politicians.

Nusrat said that, ‘We were married according to Turkish law, so it is not valid in India. Thus the question of divorce does not arise.

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In a detailed statement, Trinamool MP from Basirhat said, “Because of the marriage taking place on foreign land and as per the Turkish Marriage Regulations, the marriage is void. This is a marriage between people of two different religions, so it needed to be given statutory recognition in India, but it did not happen. Thus, the question of divorce does not arise.”

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She added, “We parted ways a long time ago, but I didn’t talk about it because I wanted to keep my personal life to myself. Thus, my actions should not be questioned on grounds of alienation by the media or anyone to whom I am not related. The said marriage is not legal, valid and valid and thus not a marriage at all in the eyes of law.”

From the political circles to the entertainment industry, there has been a stir as Nusrat, in her affidavit submitted to the Election Commission ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, declared that she was married.

A senior lawyer in Kalkata High Court said, “She has now declared that she was not married and was only in a live-in relationship. If I am not mistaken, she had declared in her pre-election affidavit that her Married.”

Nusrat in her statement also said, “My travel to any place for any work or leisure purpose, should not be related to any person with whom I have separated. All my expenses have always been borne by me contrary to anyone’s claims.”

TMC leader said, “I will also say that I have spent for the education of my sister and the betterment of my family from day one as they are my responsibility. I am not required to use or hold a credit card of any person to whom I am not related.” She also talked about presenting evidence for his claims.

Nusrat Jahan has said that Nikhil Jain illegally took money out of her bank without her permission. Not only this, Nusrat Jahan has also alleged that Nikhil Jain took away her ancestral jewellery kept in the bank locker.

Though Jain declined to comment on the matter, sources in the Kolkata High Court said that he has already filed an application in the High Court to annul his marriage with Nusrat and the matter is scheduled for hearing on June 20. Chances are.

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