Except India-Pakistan, Saudi Arabia lifted ban on travel of 11 countries

Riyadhi: To prevent corona from spreading, Saudi Arabia government banned air travel to many countries. Today ban on the travel of citizens of 11 countries has been lifted.

Now citizens of these 11 countries will be able to travel to Saudi under Corona rules. However, this ban has not been removed from India. Indians are still banned from going to Saudi Arabia.

1- UAE
2- Germany
3- America
4- Ireland
5- Italy
6- Portugal
7- United Kingdom
8- Sweden
9- Switzerland
10- France
11- Ban on citizens of Japan removed.

Among the 9 countries whose citizens have not removed their travel ban from Saudi Arabia,
1- India
2- Pakistan
3 – Argentina
4- Brazil
5- Turkey
6- South Africa
7- Lebanon
8- Egypt
9- Indonesia included.

International travellers coming to Saudi Arabia will have to stay quarantined for 7 days. Passengers will have to lift the entire quarantine on their own. The quarantine will start from the day the traveller travels here.

On the seventh day, passengers will have to undergo RT-PCR test and will be allowed to leave the quarantine facility only if the test result is negative.

Please tell that Saudi Arabia has banned flights coming from many countries since February this year.

Only Saudi citizens, diplomats and health workers were excluded from the purview of this ban.

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