Bashar al-Assad elected fourth times president of war-torn Syria


Damascus: Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has won a historic victory for the fourth time in the election. Officials said Assad’s seven-year term would begin for the fourth time in a war-torn country.

These elections were dubbed illegal and hypocritical by Western nations and Assad’s opponents, yet there was no doubt about Assad’s victory. According to officials, about 18 million people exercised their franchise.

Voting did not take place in areas controlled by rebels and Kurdish forces in the country affected by the ten-year-old conflict.

There are at least 8 million people living in these areas of northwest and northeast Syria, most of whom are displaced. About 5 million refugees decided not to vote.

US and European officials have also questioned the legitimacy of the election, saying it violates UN resolutions aimed at resolving conflicts, lacks international oversight and does not represent all Syrians. .

The Speaker of the Syrian Parliament, Hammud Sabbagh, announced the results of the vote on Wednesday. He said Assad received 95.1 percent of the vote.

Along with this, he said that 78.6 percent polling was recorded in the 17-hour election on Wednesday. No independent monitoring body was involved in this election.

Assad was facing a symbolic challenge from two candidates, including a former minister and a leader in the opposition.

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