Why did the BMC file a case against Corona warrior Sonu Sood?

Why did the BMC file a case against Corona warrior Sonu Sood?

Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has lodged a police complaint against Bollywood actor and Coronaco magnate Sonu Sood.

The BMC has alleged that actor Sonu Sood converted a six-storey residential building into Juhu into a hotel without BMC’s permission.

The BMC lodged this complaint with the police on 4 January. In which he has said that Sonu Sood converted a residential building called Shakti Sagar on AB Nair Road in Juhu into a hotel. For this, they did not even take the user’s permission.

The BMC has asked the Juhu police to take cognizance of the crime that Sonu Sood has committed under the Maharashtra Region and Town Planning (MRTP) Act. However the actor has said that he has not committed any irregularities.

According to a report, Sonu Sood has said that he had permission from BMC and was only waiting to get clearance from Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority (MCZMA).

Sonu Sood went to the city’s civil court against the BMC’s notice in October 2020. But he was not given any interim relief. The court gave Sood three weeks to appeal in the High Court.

An official said, “This time has also passed but he could not restore the changes and additions as per the approved plan. After which BMC filed a police complaint under the MRTP Act.

Corona warrior Sonu Sood also says that MCZMA was not getting permission due to Kovid-19 epidemic. No irregularities of any kind have been committed.

Along with this, he said that the hotel was used to house Kovid-19 warriors during the epidemic. If not approved, they will convert it into a residential building again.

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