Sath Nibhaanaa Sathiya 2 completes 200 episodes, team celebrates

MUMBAI: Star Plus prime time show Saath Nibhaanaa Saathiya 2 has successfully completed 200 episodes.

In this captivating story of young Gehna (played by Sneha Jain) she wins the hearts of the audience in her journey to fulfil her dreams.

Team celebrated the completion of 200 episodes with great enthusiasm. Saath Nibhaana Sathiya 2 is one of the most successful shows on television and has always topped the TRP charts ever since it hit the small screen.

The main characters of the show, Anant and Gehna, are loved as an on-screen couple and have a massive fan following and their characters have become a household name in people’s (viewers) homes.

Talented actor Harsh Nagar who essays the role of Anant on the occasion says, “I am glad that we are able to bring laughter to the faces of the audience in such difficult times. Our hard work has yielded good results. I am feeling very good. The credit for this goes to the entire team. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the 200 episodes we shot.”

Actor Nagar says, “As an actor, it feels great when your show completes 200 episodes. This is just the beginning. We will achieve many more such feats in the days to come. All my co-stars and producers like me We have now become one extended family and a pillar of strength for me. The audience will always appreciate our efforts, for this we will always look forward to give our best and keep them entertained.”

Talking about this achievement, the beautiful Sneha Jain who plays Gehna says, “I am extremely grateful to be a part of this show and play Gehna, who not only inspires thousands of young girls to watch the show but also encourages me to fulfil my own dreams. I really hope that the audience will continue to appreciate our work thus far and support Gehna in achieving her goals.”

Sneha said, “When I first read the story, I immediately knew that Gehna would send a strong message to people through her story. 200 episodes is just the beginning for us and I am extremely happy with my success. I would like to thank our viewers for their continued support, love and appreciation for our show. We hope that the audience will continue to support the show like this.”

Produced by Rashmi Sharma, Saath Nibhaanaa Sathiya 2 was launched on Star Plus last year amid the festival of Navratri. Watching its first season, the audience was overjoyed to hear this as its second season also got to connect with all age groups with its gripping storyline and heart-warming performances.


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