Akshara Singh MMS video went viral, Bhojpuri actress said, I don’t care

The alleged MMS video of Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh went viral. After the video leaked, another clip of the Bigg Boss OTT contestant went viral, in which she is seen crying and cursing people for not being able to handle her success.

However, the matter appears to be different. While the girl’s face is not clear in the viral video, many people are calling this woman Akshara Singh. In the video, the girl can be seen in a compromising position with a man.

Fans defending Akshara Singh MMS video

However, Akshara Singh’s fans on social media are defending her, claiming that it is a morphed video. Meanwhile, the identity of the girl and the veracity of the MMS video are yet to be confirmed.

Earlier, Anjali Arora made headlines after a purported video of her was leaked on social media platforms. After several speculations whether the video is real or fake, Anjali herself reacted to the objectionable clip and claimed that some people were trying to malign her image.

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During an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Anjali openly broke her silence on the controversy. She said, “I don’t know what these people are doing. By putting my name in my photo, they are saying that this is Anjali. I don’t know why people have created me. They too have family. I have family too. My family also watches all the videos.”

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Akshara Singh, a well-known actress of Bhojpuri cinema, remains in constant discussion on social media at this time. According to media reports, the alleged MMS video of Akshara Singh was leaked online by someone.

However, after watching this video, many fans on social media are claiming that the girl seen in the video is Akshara Singh. At the same time, many have also called this video fake. In such a situation, while talking to Bollywood Life, Akshara Singh has reacted to a viral video. She said that I do not know who has done such an act and I do not care about all these things.

Talking to Bollywood Life, Akshara Singh said, ‘Koi Kuch Bhi Bol Raha Hai. I haven’t even seen the video yet. Am I seen in the video? Don’t know who is doing all this. For now, it doesn’t matter to me. Do whatever you want to do.’ Akshara Singh has made it clear that such videos will not affect her. Many fans are continuously supporting Akshara Singh on social media. Not only this, many people have even said that efforts are being made to defame Akshara Singh.

However, it is not yet confirmed that the girl seen in the video is Akshara Singh. Videos of many celebs have been leaked online for the first time from Akshara Singh. A few days ago, the video of Bhojpuri’s popular singer Shilpi Raj also surfaced. Although the actress requested her fans not to forward such videos and delete it immediately.

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