NRC: Will Bangladesh adopt Muslims who may expel from India

After Assam, now the central government intends to implement NRC (National Register of Citizens of India) across the country. Amidst all this, after Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina meet with PM Modi, there are seems different indications. Now the question is that people who will be expel from India after being called Bangladeshi, will Bangladesh give them citizenship?

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who visited India, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. According to India Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar, this meeting will strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Apart from several important agreements with the Bangladeshi PM, the burning issues of NRC were also discussed by meeting.

What did Sheikh Hasina say on NRC

Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina said that she has an eye on NRC implementation. Bangladesh is currently considering it as an internal matter of India. we are no need to discuss more about on this matter.

Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque said that during the bilateral talks with PM Modi, PM Hasina raised the NRC issues. PM Modi explained the entire process to her in better way.

In press conference, Haque said, “We have been told that NRC is India’s internal issue. Our relationship with India is still at its highest floor but at the same time we have keeps our eyes open too.”

When asked question about the statement of Home Minister Amit Shah on extraditing illegal Bangladeshis from Assam, Foreign Secretary Haque said, “At this stage we should not make a mountain of sand and we should wait and watch.”

Let us tell you that, BJP national president Amit Shah has indicated that there is only one religion on targeted by NRC. That is why preparations are also being made for sorting and weaving of religions through the Amendment Bill.

It can be inferred by all conversation that, the Bangladeshi government is not seems to give anymore shelter in its country. At the same time, the Sheikh Hasina government is preparing a policy to expel the Rohingya refugees who reached Bangladesh after Myanmar (Burma) massacre.

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