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First case of ‘Corona Delta Plus Variant’ found in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: After second wave of covid infection came under control in Madhya Pradesh, now concern has increased due to the first case of new Delta Plus variant of Corona.

This variant has been found in a 64-year-old woman resident of Barkheda Pathani in Bhopal. A few days ago, the woman’s sample was sent for testing. However, now the woman’s report is negative and she is at her home.

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The delta variant of the corona is believed to be responsible for the second wave of corona in the country. It was found for the first time in India only. Now this variant has been changed to Corona Delta Plus. Earlier, 6 cases of Delta Plus variant have been found in the country.

15 samples were sent for investigation

This month 15 samples were sent from Gandhi Medical College (GMC) Bhopal for examination. In genome sequencing, Corona delta plus variant has been found in the female sample. Also Delta and other variants have also been found in the report.

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The contact history of the woman has been taken out by the Health Department and the district administration. In this, 20 people have been identified, who are being investigated.

Health department officials say that they will be able to say something only after the report is finalized. For the time being, the officials are admitting to getting a new variant in this case, but are still avoiding to say anything officially. The woman in whom the Delta Plus variant has been confirmed is fine now.

Home treatment

The woman’s son Gajendra Chauhan told that his mother got symptoms of corona infection on 23 May. There was body aches along with fever. In the evening of the same day, RT-PCR test was conducted in Ward Office-60 of Barkheda Pathani Municipal Corporation. The next day the report came positive.

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Gajendra told that after that he contacted his private doctors and started treatment by taking online advice. Meanwhile, Doctor Mithlesh also got a call from the covid helpline.

He got his mother’s blood sample checked. There was a lot of infection in it. Blood test done again on 10th day. The platelets and WBC were reduced in the investigation report. There was also a liver infection as well.

The doctors said that the effect of the medicine is slowly taking place. After this, there was improvement in health from 12 days. In 15 to 16 days, she recovered completely while staying at home.

On 16 June i.e. Wednesday, it was told that the delta plus variant has been found in the sample in genome sequencing. The Health Department team examined the samples of people around our house and surroundings. In this the report of all has come negative.

Woman had been vaccinated

Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang said that a new variant of Corona Delta Plus has been found in the city. The infected woman is corona vaccinated. He has been kept under observation. His condition is fine. The sample has been sent to NCDC and Higher Research Institute.

On the other hand, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra says that the government is constantly conscious about the third wave of corona. The case of Corona Delta Plus has come to the fore due to continuous investigation.

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